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Mother and Baby on Floor


What does Early Intervention Services look like? 


What to expect….

Your child and family will be assigned a provider or providers depending on the concerns of your child.   The provider will make either weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly home visits in the child’s natural environment (could be at your home, daycare, or family members house, etc.)  Where your child spends most of his/her time during the day. 

Children learn best with people they are familiar with…. a caregiver could be parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings, or cousins.   Throughout the day your child is learning many important skills during their regular routines and activities; a provider will support you with ideas, suggestions, and activities to do with your child to help meet a new skill.  For example, during mealtime you would like to see your child using a spoon or fork to feed himself.   

Being consistent is the key!   Doing the same activity/routine repeatedly until the child has accomplished the skill. To be consistent, you must repeat positive behaviors or skills day after day, until it is learned by the child.  Focusing on one skill or routine at a time.

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