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Health and Safety Issues


Kids Health and Safety- this website has a lot of good articles on helping parents and educators discuss healthy habits, issues, discovering your body, staying safe, and bullying. 


Talking to Your Children


Parents talking to your children about the world around them is not a bad idea while they are young.  It's never too early to make your child aware of possible dangers or strangers.



So that we can prevent bad things from happening to our precious children.


We can't be everywhere, but we can start discussing now with our children, what shouldn't happen, and if something like that does happen to tell you THE PARENT or Teacher, or an Adult who will listen Immediately!!!  


And then as a parent, teacher, or citizen, follow through that this horrible thing, does not happen again and again or to someone else.  




Parents, Educators, Community:


Do everything you can to prevent abuse of any kind (sexual, neglect, physical, mental) before happening!! How?  By talking with your child or children; be open, be real, be serious, and use the appropriate terms when relating to body parts.   Discussing issues about stranger awareness, when someone you know or do not know touches you in an area you're not comfortable with or it doesn't feel good.   Children cannot speak for themselves that's why God gave them Parents, Teachers, and People who care into their lives.  Get Help



Choosing the right daycare can be stressful, especially when you have no idea want to look for Child Care Aware provides resources and information to parents and child care providers...




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