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Where is Robin? are picture books for children ages 4 to 8 years old to enjoy at home, school, or during travel. They tell adventure stories with the central character Robin to teach geography, culture, and history. Pictures and stories are easier and more fun to remember than facts so children develop a lifelong habit of curiosity and openness to learning about people and places far from home!

Robin is a warm, welcoming, and inquisitive bird. She is a colorful and creative character who likes to meet people and participate in experiences. She exudes joy that is contagious and insatiable curiosity to experience all that the world has to offer. Her life motto is “dream.plan.go.” and always accepts invitations to the next destination! Through all of her adventures, she connects with local people and places to discover their culture, history, and why they are unique. Robin promises you a memorable journey full of learning, laughter, and love. Don’t let Robin fly alone on her trips – spread your wings and come along!

Take flight with the adventurous Robin. Robin is ready to see the USA, and she wants you to join her. Follow her to the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Rockies. Fly over towering skyscrapers and across gigantic bridges and historic landmarks. Have fun exploring and discovering all the wonderful cultures and traditions this land has to offer.

She promises you a memorable journey full of learning, laughter, and love. Don't let her fly alone, spread your wings and come along!

Where Is Robin? USA

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