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School Readiness

How Can Families Help Get Their Child Ready for School?

Three-year olds work on developing their thinking skills and the understanding of basic concepts through play.  Their learning experiences include following directions, development of their large and small muscle skills, independence and self-help skills. 


Families can talk to their child through conversation, reading, singing, finger plays, and through playing with their friends.   


Read out loud to your child, point to each word as you read it and read the same book several times. Start having your child use context clues. Read part of a sentence and help him/her use what you've read, plus the picture on the page to guess the last word or words. 


Counting out loud to at least 5, Counting three objects or more, and Doing simple patterns with colors and shapes will help your child with his/her math and counting skills.


There are many activities that parents/guardians undertake with young children that have a positive effect on their development and promote school readiness.


These include: reading with your child, teaching them songs and nursery rhymes, playing with letters and numbers, taking children on excursions, and creating regular opportunities for your child to play with friends and other children.

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