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Educational Model vs. Medical Model

One of the things I hear from parents is …..

"the more help I can get for my child the better."  


The earlier you get help the better your child will be, but more is not always better.  Early Intervention will provide a family strategies, support, suggestions, resources, and activities to help your child grow and learn. Each child is different and unique in their own way. They are individuals who learn and grow at different levels and times. 

What is the Educational Model and how is it different

from the Medical Model? 


Early Intervention Programs, follows an Educational Model, which is about helping infants and toddlers acquire important developmental skills, such as crawling, playing, talking and eating, during their first three years. By bringing families together with early intervention specialists or providers, families can learn new ways to encourage and support their child’s development and growth within their daily activities.


Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, and Special Instructor are just some providers that work with children

in the Early Intervention programs.

The providers will bring experience and knowledge to the family, as well as share ideas and suggestions through home visits

in the child's natural environment.  


Natural Environments includes: the home, daycare settings, family member's home.  Anywhere your child spends most of the time. 


The difference.....


The Medical Model is presented as viewing disability as a problem of the person/child, directly caused by disease, trauma, or other health condition which therefore requires sustained medical care provided in the form of individual treatment by professionals. In the medical model, management of the disability is aimed at a "cure," or the individual's adjustment and behavioral change that would lead to an "almost-cure" or effective cure. 

Some children will receive services through both Medical and Educational models. For some children the frequency or intensity of therapy they receive at home or child’s natural environment through the educational model will not meet all of the child's needs for therapy. There may be goals that are not addressed by home based therapy and would require home or community based services from the medical model. 

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