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Tummy Time
The Crawligator

Moving Babies Forward

The Crawligator:

Support independence, promote crawling mobility and help develop gross motor skills all with 1 convenient baby toy. The unique contoured surface is specially designed for infants to rest comfortably on their stomach while safely developing and exploring.

  • Promotes child development

  • Twice the tummy time for muscle strengthening; spin and neck strengthening

  • Develops mobility through kicking, reaching, pushing

  • Unlike other walkers, The Crawligator stores easily

    How It Works

  • Introduce your infant to the Crawligator slowly and gradually making sure they are positioned comfortably on their stomach.

  • Once they are secure on the Crawligator begin to move them slowly in a forward direction, accustoming them to the movement.

  • Place toys in the distance and encourage them to reach for the toys. If they appear to get upset, take them off the Crawligator and wait a bit before trying again.

  • Remember to make it fun! The Crawligator makes tummy time fun.

  • Note: The Crawligator should always be used with parental assistance. Never leave your baby unattended during use of the Crawligator. Do not use near stairs and doorways.

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